Hey MIP and VIB graduates, VI College has moved all of her graduate support into an all-in-one investing app, VI.

(Note: If you had a WealthPark account previously, it has been renamed to VI App. You can use the same log in details that you had previously. Uninstall the old WealthPark app from your mobile and install the new app as shared in Step 1 below. You also can reset your password in the new VI App.)

Follow these steps below to access your graduate support:

Step 1: Download VI App

For iOS devices

-> https://apps.apple.com/us/app/vi-app/id1330125230

For Android

-> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.valueinvestingcollege.vic_app


*Alternatively, if your device is unable to install VI, please visit https://www.vi.app on your Google Chrome/Safari browser to use the web version instead.

Step 2: Register an account, it’s free!

Please register your VI account with the email address you used for Millionaire Investor Program (MIP) or Value Investing Bootcamp (VIB).

Step 3: Retrieve your unique graduate code

Visit https://8vi.link/vicode and fill in the required details so that the system verifies your graduate status.

Step 4: Once you receive your unique code in your email inbox, go to https://www.vi.app, scroll to the "Settings" found in the General section and click on it:

Step 5: Copy your code from your email and paste or key it in the field titled "VI code". Press the "APPLY" button at its side to apply your code. Here’s a picture for your reference:

Step 6: After you have applied the code successfully, you’ll see a "VI College Assets" section available on your Menu bar: